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Download ObjectDock2 0
Title: ObjectDock2 0
Category: PC Software
Language: English
Size: 20.4 MB
Rating: 4.1


  • ObjectDock_free.exe (20.4 MB)

Download ObjectDock .

In constant development, ObjectDock and ObjectDock Plus are enhanced often to provide the most unique features of any stylized shortcut organizer .

Stardock - 2. 3MB (Freeware). Date Added: Oct 26, 2011.

Tuck them away on an edge, setup hotkeys, or leave them in your taskbar. It’s easy to customize for your applications. Drag tabs with your right mouse button to quickly rearrange your tabs, or even tear one off completely onto its own dock.

Download ObjectDock . for Windows. ObjectDock is a software that helps you to customize your shortcuts, programs and running tasks into an interactive and fun animated dock. These shortcuts in the toolbar can also be added or deleted by selecting from a list of docklets visible from the options. For more speed, an icon may be created by open application. Mac dock for Windows. Objectdock is a new and animated taskbar which runs like the old one. But it has lots of differences that we will see at first glance. Objectdock will change the appearance of our desktop.

Windows Utilities ObjectDock ObjectDock . Get Updates on ObjectDock.


Screenshots: http://www.webpic.org/viewer.php?a=up/01262011/h0dLo256K6.png

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