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Download IllustStudio 1 2 5 serial ChingLiu

Download IllustStudio 1 2 5 serial ChingLiu
Title: IllustStudio 1 2 5 serial
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IllustStudio is an illustration creation tool which is responsive to the needs of a wide range of users from beginners to professionals. It focuses on providing comfort when drawing illustrations by providing Pen Tools which maximize performance of pen tablets and expressive Brush Tools. Users can choose which pens they want to use from 12 different pen types, such as G pen, round pen and so on. IllustStudio can express natural and smooth pen strokes with Celsys original technology, "Vector Map Technology" and pen pressure functions. Even though users may change image resolutions and scale images, IllustStudio can maintain its line quality by responding to the vector format. In addition, it has various expressive Brush Tools, such as Water Color Tools are capable of sensitive color changes, Air Brushes, and Fude Pens. User Interface is customizable, depending on user's work style.
Not only does it possess basic functions for drawing illustrations, but it also has various broader and more advanced functions, such as: a wide variety of color selections, which can produce vivider illustrations more efficiently, selection tools that can select areas with fewer steps, ruler tools that enable the user to draw artificial buildings and background images, and 3D functions that allow the user to create more realistic images. IllustStudio can export works in the RGB format for digital illustrations and in the CMYK format appropriate for paper print. IllustStudio also has a movie capturing function. This enables users to record their creation process and to release the record onto the web.
- Paint Tool
Users can paint effectively with "Referring Layer Function" which refers to layers, such as sketch layers, and "Clipping Folder Function"- painting while hiding areas off pointed areas.
- Contour Line Tool
Users can easily shade illustrations by painting areas enclosed by colored lines with gentle gradations. As a result, they can produce dimensional figures.
- Various Brush Tools
IllustStudio supports user's illustration workflow with "Pen Tool" realizing natural pen strokes and "Brush Tools" enabling various expressions. By using "Pattern Brush Tools", users can express symbols and patterns with one stroke.
- Ruler Tools
IllustStudio has a "Perspective Ruler" allowing users to draw perspective backgrounds and a "Radial Line Ruler" suitable for action images and designs.
About CELSYS, Inc.

CELSYS aims to become a total solutions provider for graphic contents based on the results and know-how built up from its promotion of the digitalization of the animation and manga production environments.
CELSYS 'vision encompasses using IT technology to totally support creators' production activities, from the contents production and viewing environments to distribution support and communications through created contents, and to revitalize Japanese contents culture that is appreciated worldwide.
Language : English
Homepage : http://www.celsys.co.jp/en/products/illuststudio/index.html

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