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Download Full Speed v2 zip
Title: Full Speed v2 zip
Category: PC Software
Language: English
Size: 3.5 MB
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Full Speed . is a program to optimize the speed of your Internet connection. By changing some parameters in your system, this utility will improve your connection speed, allowing you to get faster downloads and web browsing. The improvements will also benefit your intranet performance. The program starts offering you to test your present Internet connection speed.

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This is where Full Speed Swarm comes into play: it lets the game execute as many tasks as required. So even with 100 cops on the map, they can all perform as well as if they were alone. Are there any drawbacks? No.

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Fact I have seen this work on more than 1 pc. It might not work for some people but will NOT hurt.
Internet Performance Booster & Speed Tests Software. Reported Results from Recent Users of 'Full Speed' (Sept' 2007)
5½ X faster Internet Explorer
5 X faster Mozilla Firefox
3 times faster downloading
4 times increase in peak download speeds
Instantly Get:
1. Overall faster Internet speed
2. Faster download speeds
3. Faster web site browsing
4. Improve Internet and Intranet performance
5. Quicker download times
6. Smoother streaming music and movies
7. Faster download for songs and video
8. Faster performance with email
9. Faster loading Web graphics
10. Faster loading Web pages
11. Faster Internet Explorer
12. Speed test for Web site browsing
13. Speed test for general data transfer
14. Works for businesses or home users
15. Improved VPN and WAN performance
16. Increased peak download speed
17. More consistent data transfer
18. Better data flow efficiency
19. Fewer corrupt downloads
20. Works over networks
21. Works with all ADSL/DSL modems and routers
22. Works over wireless
23. Smoother surfing
* Tested on all Broadband technologies *
How does Full Speed work?
By default all Windows Operating Systems are configured to work with general and average Internet and network settings to accommodate the data rate capabilities of the communications technologies that existed at the time of Window's design. Windows XP is now 6 years old and nowadays the average speed of data on the internet and on networks is far greater than it was even a couple of years ago and so Windows Internet configurations and settings are out of date and it is the users who are taking the hit in the performance of their machines when online. Even Vista works in the same way as XP.
The default Windows settings and configurations means that anyone with any type of Internet connection will not be receiving the full speed, value or performance of their Internet connection especially with broadband.
Full Speed's optimization will instantly configure your Windows Operating System and Browser for optimal high speed internet access and will configure it for the fastest performance possible for your connection.
Full Speed automatically addresses more than 50 settings and tweaks them all for the best performance possible. Full Speed also adds/modifies system files and registry entries to get the best performance possible. The combination of all this results in amazing speed increases.

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