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Download 5 Must Have portable Apps

Download 5 Must Have portable Apps
Title: 5 Must Have portable Apps
Category: PC Software
Language: English
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  • 7-ZipPortable_9.20_Rev_2.paf.exe (2.3 MB)
  • FirefoxPortable_13.0.1_English.paf.exe (17.4 MB)
  • KeePass-2.19.zip (2.1 MB)
  • ThunderbirdPortable_13.0.1_English.paf.exe (19.2 MB)
  • VLCPortable_2.0.1.paf.exe (21.5 MB)
  • Torrent description.txt (1.4 KB)

I once got Photoshop CS5 Portable from a mate in my class. Works fine, does what it has to do. Only thing is that when I came to check out your site here, it wasn't listed. So, how come I have this portable application, but it's not.

I once got Photoshop CS5 Portable from a mate in my class. So, how come I have this portable application, but it's not even downloadable here? Or was it once downloadable, but has it been removed for some reason?

Why do you need portable apps? Well, we’re usually faced with a space crunch on our hard drives due to the . Or, visit portableapps.

Or, visit portableapps. But first, prep your USB flash driv. ou will need a pen drive with 16GB capacity.

There are quite a lot of portable apps out there-even within the narrowed scope of networking tools. Figure A) is a simple tool that allows you to monitor incoming and outgoing socket connections. With this connection information at hand, you can see whether any unwanted traffic is coming into a machine.

There are plenty of must-have apps you’ve probably already downloaded because you’re aware of their benefits. While these are essential (for most), you’ve probably already decided on whether or not you’re going to download them. Here are 15 must-have apps for your iPhone that you’ll want to download. 1. Google Maps (Free). Sure, you have the official iPhone navigator app Maps.

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Executables are contained within a single folder, meaning you can run them from a USB drive or a cloud folder synced across PCs. We've assembled a collection of the best and most useful portable apps across a variety of categories.

Basecamp is an online project management tool that allows teams to collaborate on jobs of all kinds. Basecamp is the single most important tool we have at ZinePak.

So, now that we have come to the end of this extensive list of must have Portable applications, what are your thoughts about these tools and Portable apps in general?

Portable Apps was developed to cater to them modern digital life-on-the-go. This handy little tool could be run on your portable storage devices like Memory cards, External hard drives, USB; or on your cloud network like Dropbox and Google Drive; or also on your local device.


The following are some very basic portable apps(run from thumb drive) which are very popular among people who
do not stick to just one computer but often have to use many different systems.
If you want the same set of settings for your programs that suit your style then these apps are a must have
Of course there are plenty of other portable apps as well but these are some of the most basic ones which you must have.
This package contains the following apps:
1. FirefoxPortable_13.0.1_English.paf
2. VLCPortable_2.0.1.paf
3. ThunderbirdPortable_13.0.1_English.paf
4. 7-ZipPortable_9.20_Rev_2.paf
5. KeePass-2.19
Installation notes: Simply run the setup and for destination choose your thumb drive.
1) .paf is the extension for portable apps. It stands for Personal Ancestral File.
2) KeePass is not in the .paf format but its a zip file.
3) KeePass is a password management tool for windows. Please dont doubt the credentials of this program.
Its popularity is evident from the fact that KeePass been selected for inclusion on the VALO-CD, a collection
of the best software for Windows.
To know more about keepass visit the page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keepass.
For more info on portable apps see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portable_apps.
And finally if you like the upload then please take a minute to say thanks and dont forget to seed.

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All scans clean at virustotal but VLC portable, has one hit which could be a false positive...anyways here is the result ..... https://www.virustotal.com/file/edc7c60181a0451459a70bb607a898f83908e2e515ec7a36b2c8dd0c9bcfc48d/analysis/1340428835/ .... VLCPortable_2.0.1.paf.exe Detection ratio: t1 / 37 Analysis date: t2012-06-23 05:20:35 UTC
It definitely is a false positive because before uploading i had checked it with kaspersky and had found no such issues.
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