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Title: Atomic Mail Sender 4 27
Category: PC Software
Language: English
Size: 6.5 MB
Rating: 4.4


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This software is easy to use and helps expand the reach of marketing campaigns through a wide range of built-in features and optional add-ons.

The amazing speed is achieved by utilizing every existing bit of your Internet connection via multiple threads delivery technology. Atomic Mail Sender is a fantastic software!" Danny Wolf February 09, 2017, Version: Atomic Mail Sender . 0. 2017-02-09 03:22:34 By Danny Wolf.

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Atomic Mail Sender 4.27
Atomic Mail Sender (AMS) is a mass mailer with built-in e-mail campaign tracking
facilities where you can create, send and track effectiveness of sent newsletters.
AMS is not just a secure bulk mailer, with AMS you can also control and compare
the effectiveness of your email campaigns by monitoring who, from what country
and when opens your email, clicks links or downloads files. Being integrated with
Atomic Email Tracker (web-based newsletter monitoring system), the program can be
set to create an invisible code and insert it into sent messages. Once you are
registered with the Email Tracker service and the campaign name is created in AMS,
our system starts monitoring the status of every email sent out under that email
campaign name.
Our mailer supports mailing lists stored in the formats of text files (.txt or
.lst) or CSV files exported from Microsoft Excel, Word or Access.
Atomic Mail Sender provides basic mailing list management options: adding new
addresses, removing addresses, filtering, unsubscribing, etc. Combined together
with Atomic Subscription Manager, the two software applications automate the
entire process of addresses management. You do not have to add or remove users
manually anymore!
Being a stand-alone fast and safe mass emailer, the program does not require any
additional components to be installed (for example, some widely known bulk mailers
use Internet Explorer and Front Page extensions to compose HTML emails, which does
not make them fully compatible with all computers and requires spending additional
money). All you need is a connection to the Internet.
Atomic Mail Sender has a built-in SMTP server that delivers all email messages
directly to their recipients without using your ISP's mailbox or mail server
(if your provider permits). Actually, it establishes a connection, imitates
a mail server and puts messages to mailboxes. This trick saves your time and
makes sending e-mails in bulk really safe and fast!
The number of addresses in mailing lists is not limited. You can send emails to
a million people if you have such a huge address list. Simply start the program,
load your mailing list and press 'Start' to begin working! Atomic Mail Sender
uses direct multithreaded e-mail delivery and ensures 100% usage of your Internet
connection. You can send hundreds of emails a minute (the actual rate may depend
on the size of messages and the sizes of attached files and embedded images).
Atomic Mail Sender is a unique program for sending mass email. The program
provides safe, easy and fast way for direct mail sending. It reduces delivery
time by sending several messages simultaneously so if you have a broadband
Internet connection, you can increase the number of threads and send mail faster!
AMS is a powerful tool for personalized mass mailing that supports email merging.
Each sent e-mail message can contain any personal data. You can insert the first
and last names of subscribers, their ages, home pages, etc.
Atomic Mail Sender descriptionSend messages to thousands of recipients real
fastAtomic Mail Sender - internet marketing relies heavily on fast delivery of
large numbers of messages to customers. Times when we were sending out several
e-mails using our traditional e-mail client software are left well behind.
Today, modern businesses require immediate delivery of messages to hundreds of
thousands and even millions of recipients. Whether it is a corporate broadcasting
service or a business-to-customer communication we constantly search for
appropriate solution.
Atomic Mail Sender is a mail tool that is capable to send unlimited number of
e-mail messages.
Search no more! Presenting Atomic Mail Sender by AtomPark Software, a feature-rich
mass mailing and corporate broadcast software!
Atomic Mail Sender is capable of sending of unlimited number of e-mail messages
to unlimited number of recipients within very short period of time. The amazing
speed is achieved by utilizing every existing bit of your Internet connection via
multiple threads delivery technology.
Messages are delivered using the built-in SMTP server that connects directly to
recipients mail service providing the shortest possible way for sending your
The application allows plain-text and HTML messages editing and sending. Messages
can be imported from and exported to text or HTML files. The built-in message
editor provides one of the most convenient interfaces in the programs of this type.
Atomic Mail Sender is highly configurable allowing you to specify DNS settings,
custom HELOs and even the mailer signature (a list of predefined mailer signatures
is available). Besides that, custom message headers can be specified!
Another great feature of Atomic Mail Sender is its ability to read recipients
e-mail addresses from various file formats and specifications. There hardly ever
an e-mail addresses list that cannot be imported to Atomic Mail Sender.
Taking into account the incredible value of this software and amazing return rate
on investment Atomic Mail Sender is a must have for everyone who is serious about
multiple messages to multiple recipients broadcasting!
Operation System: Windows All
Install notes:
- Install app.
- Copy/paste the cracked files from the crack dir to the install dir of the app.
- Double-click on the .reg-file to add the info to the registry.

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