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Title: R-Studio Software
Category: PC Software
Language: English
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There are two versions of RStudio: RStudio Desktop. Run RStudio on your desktop.

Open source and enterprise-ready professional software for data science. Download RStudio Discover RStudio Team. Introducing RStudio Team.

R-Studio Emergency version is run from a USB stick or compact disc when it is necessary to recover data on a computer, on which .

R-Studio Emergency version is run from a USB stick or compact disc when it is necessary to recover data on a computer, on which Windows cannot start up because its system files are corrupted or deleted. It shows picture tiles and first frames of video files as icons, and supports a large number of document file formats. Apple software RAIDs, CoreStorage, File Vault, and Fusion Drive; Linux Logical Volume Manager (LVM/LVM2) and mdadm RAIDs; R-Studio can automatically recognize and assemble the components of these disk managers even if their databases are slightly damaged.

R-STUDIO is a family of powerful, cost-effective disk recovery software. Originally developed by R-Tools Technology, Inc. for experienced data recovery professionals, R-Studio has been redesigned as a scalable, user-friendly all-in-one data recovery tool. By coupling our most advanced file recovery and disk repair technology with an intuitive user-interface, R-Studio provides enterprise and professional-level data recovery specialists the tools they need without hindering the experience of entry-level users.

R-Studio was listed since March 16, 2019 and is a great program part of Backup and Recovery subcategory. After you get the 58,85 MB (RStudio8. The program was created by R-tools technology Inc. and has been updated on March 16, 2019. It is a small tool (61706336 bytes) and does not need too much space than the rest of the products listed on Backup and Recovery. It is highly used in India, Indonesia and United States of America.

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Stay up to date with latest software releases, news, software discounts . exe R-Studio is the most comprehensive data recovery solution for recovery files.

Stay up to date with latest software releases, news, software discounts, deals and more. R-Studio is the most comprehensive data recovery solution for recovery files from NTFS, NTFS5, ReFS, FAT12/16/32, exFAT, HFS/HFS+ and APFS (Macintosh), Little and Big Endian variants of UFS1/UFS2 (SD/Solaris) and Ext2/Ext3/Ext4 FS (Linux) partitions. It also uses raw file recovery (scan for known file types) for heavily damaged or unknown file systems.

RStudio is a separate piece of software that works with R to make R much more user friendly and also adds some helpful .

RStudio is a separate piece of software that works with R to make R much more user friendly and also adds some helpful features. Second, RStudio adds a number of features that make your R programming easier and more efficient.

COPYING - RStudio license (AGPLv3). NOTICE - Additional open source software included with RStudio. SOURCE - How to obtain the source code for RStudio.


R-Studio+Network 4.2, R-Studio Agent 4.2, R-Studio FAT/NTFS+network 4.2, R-Studio Linux 1.0 <- freeware
R-Tools Technology Inc. is the leading provider of powerful data recovery, undelete, drive image, data security and PC privacy utilities for the Windows OS family. Our mission is to give our customers around the world the system tools to bring about a visible and substantial increase in viability, production and easy of use at the lowest possible cost to the customer.
is a family of data recovery and undelete utilities. Empowered by new unique data recovery technologies, it is the most comprehensive data recovery solution for FAT12/16/32, NTFS/NTFS5, HFS/HFS+, UFS1/UFS2 (Little and Big Endian variants) and Ext2FS/Ext3FS file systems. It recovers data both on local logical and physical disks, as well as disks on remote computers over networks, even if their partition structures are damaged or deleted. RAID reconstruction and Dynamic disk support are included, as well as support for recovering encrypted files, compressed files, and alternative data streams. File/disk content can be viewed and edited in the hexadecimal editor. Flexible parameter settings give you absolute control over data recovering.
R-Studio utilities recover files
-Deleted without Recycle Bin, or when Recycle Bin has been emptied;
-Removed by virus attack or power failure;
-After the partition with the files was reformatted, even for different file system;
-When the partition structure on a hard disk was changed or damaged. In this case, R-Studio utilities can scan the hard disk trying to find previously existed partitions and recover files from found partitions.
-From hard disk with bad sectors. R-Studio Data Recovery Software can first copy the entire disk or its part into an image file and then process such image file. This is especially useful when new bad sectors are constantly appearing on the hard disk, and remaining information must be immediately saved.
R-Studio Agent 4.2
is installed on computers where files are to be recovered over network. It may be remotely installed on a computer runs Windows NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista from a computer also running Windows NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista. In this case, the administrator must have administrative privileges on the remote computer.
R-Studio Agent supports the TCP/IP protocol and any protocol supported in Microsoft Network.
System Requirements:
An Intel-compatible platform running Windows 9x/ME/NT4.0/2000/XP/2003/Vista.
At least 32 MB of RAM, a mouse, and enough disk space for recovered files, image files, etc.
The administrative privileges are required to install and run R-Studio utilities under WinNT/2000/XP/2003/Vista.
A network connection for data recovering over network.
-HFS and HFS+ file systems support. In addition to FAT/NTFS/ExtFS2/ExtFS3/UFS1/UFS2 R-Studio supports HFS and HFS+ file systems developed by Apple Computer for use on computers running Mac OS.
* R-Studio can not be installed under Mac OS, but a hard drive with HFS and/or HFS+ partitions can be attached to Windows machine and processed by R-Studio.
-Apple Computers support. New R-Studio Emergency version can be run from CD on Intel-based Macintosh computers.
-Big Endian variant of UFS support.
-GPT partition layout schema support. This schema is used in 64-bit Windows OS.
-APM support. Apple Partition Map (APM) is a partition scheme used to define the low-level organization of data on disks formatted for use with Macintosh computers.
-Support for various unusual RAID configurations. Parameters like block size and order, offsets, and even the number of stripe blocks can be explicitly specified. Visual editor to create specific block order.
-R-Studio Technician Portable was added to R-Studio Technician package. The portable version can be run from a USB storage device.
-Compressed image format support. When R-Studio creates an image of the disk or its part, the image can be compressed and split into several files to put it on CD/DVD/Flash Drive or FAT16/FAT32.
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Size: 7.42 MBs
Info Hash: 661ffa5f6cf24208701ecb9c1335f63c0fbab8d8
install, use the serial in the readme.txt to register

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