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Download easyHDR PRO v2 22 1

Download easyHDR PRO v2 22 1
Title: easyHDR PRO v2 22 1
Category: PC Software
Language: English
Size: 12.3 MB
Rating: 4.1


  • easyHDR_PRO_2.exe (3.6 MB)
  • easyHDR_PRO_2221_setup.exe (8.7 MB)

EasyHDR PRO . x and . x are legacy versions of easyHDR software.

Only now 20% discount for easyHDR PRO. There is no problem with version . 2. The reported issue is related to automatic deghosting, which fails with the particular photo sequence.

Category: Multimedia. High Dynamic Range (HDR) image generation and tone mapping software that comes with an intuitive interface so that even novices can use it.

Download the latest version of easyHDR PRO free. Hold on! You forgot to download easyHDR PRO.

Easy HDR Alternative. May 04. 9 min. to read. EasyHDR gets a little rusty with some RAW images. This can, however, be easily rectified if you’d open the images in Lightroom, then export to EasyHDR.

easyHDR Pro позволяет формировать HDRI из TIF, JPG и BMP-файлов, открывать формат Radiance, выровнять исходные изображения, проводить тональную компрессию.

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Year / Date of Release: 2012
Version: v2.22.1
Bit: 32bit
Compatibility with Vista: complete
Compatible with Windows 7: complete
Language: Multilingual (Russian present)
Medicine: Present
System requirements:
Operating system: Windows (32-bit XP/Vista/Win7, but also works fine on 64-bit platforms)
Program has been tested on 32-bit XP, 32-bit Vista and on 64-bit Win 7.
Screen resolution: At least 1024x768 (standard DPI settings), but most features can be used with at least 1024x600. It is however strongly advised to work with higher resolutions.
Memory: More RAM means that bigger photos can be processed. The application is 32-bit, so it is not able to use more than 2 or 3GB.
Read more about processing very big photos with easyHDR PRO.
CPU: CPU with SSE instruction set (Pentium III compatible or newer).
Multicore CPUs are required for better performance.
Hard Disk: EasyHDR PRO uses temporary files that are created on the Hard Disk. In case of processing a set of three 10 MPix JPEG photos at least 150 MB of free space is required. RAWs require twice as much.
easyHDR Pro - a program for creating and correction of HDR images designed for professional photographers and advanced amateurs. Combines any number of different frames in a scene with high contrast in one image with the details and shadows. Import of image formats: JPEG, TIFF, and any 24/48-bit RAW (thanks to integration with the program DCRAW), Radiance RGBE (*. HDR) or 96-bit TIFF HDR created in other programs for processing HDR. Allows you to manually compensate for the displacement, rotation, scale and perspective distortion. After tone mapping, the result can be further processed by built-in filters, including: sharpen, blur, noise reduction, white balance, as well as selective tone correction. Batch processing. Has an official Russian localization.
Key features:
• Create images with high dynamic range (HDRI) from a series of photos (JPEG or RAW) shot with different exposures
• tone mapping provides realistic looking result without weakening the local contrast
• Improve individual JPEG images or RAW, to make them more expressive
• Manual or automatic alignment of the original photos with offset compensation, scaling, rotation and perspective
• Adjusting the tone curve for optimum contrast
• Additional processing without loss oversampling (blurring, sharpening, noise reduction, white balance, tone correction) after tone mapping.
• Save the results as a JPEG or TIFF better in 24 - and 48-bit (no data loss EXIF)
• The settings for the batch processing of dozens of car images without you
What's new
2.22.1 - 29.08.2012:
New features
- Possibility to choose which of the loaded photos shall be used in HDR generation - no need to remove or load new photos,
- LZW compression support for TIFF.
- Improved Smart Merge HDR generation method - now it does not introduce halo effect,
- Manual ghost removal tool, loading previously saved mask: matching masks to adequate photos in the sequence,
- Exiftool updated to version 9.00,
- New, Romanian translation.
Corrected bugs
- Fixed possible occasional crash when 360 ° panoramic mode is used,
- Fixed auto alignment in batch processing - problem was occurring only if input photos had no EXIF,
- Fixed tone mapping bug related to a case when reseting color adjust settings for new projects was disabled (not a default option),
- Fixed disappearing of workspace area (related only to very small screen resolutions - ie on netbooks).

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