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Download HumanSoftware HSC Edit v3 02 x64 - FOSI deepstatus

Download HumanSoftware HSC Edit v3 02 x64 - FOSI deepstatus
Title: HumanSoftware HSC Edit v3 02 x64 - FOSI
Category: PC Software
Language: English
Size: 748.2 MB
Rating: 4.6


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HumanSoftware HSC Edit v3.02

HSC Edit 3 is a full blown image manipulation application with
thousands of features.
Version 3 offers Hundreds of Tools and Thousands of Effects through Layers
HSC Edit works as a plug-in to Apple Aperture, Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop CS3 to CS5 or Elements 6 to 9. It works also as standalone in 32 or 64bit. HSC Edit is a powerhouse of the most advanced effects!
Edit lets you manipulate multiple layers of images. The layers can simply be used to compose an image, blend/opacity can be adjusted at any time, You will also find more advanced layering techniques noot seen anywhere else like wavelet layers... sophisticated tools for the advanced retouchers!
Edit Compose lets you create paths around your images. It goes further than that, offering step and repeats, a StarMaker, SpiroMaker effect. Text can be used as paths to flow along a shape or being distorted
Edit Text to add Text/Watermark on your images. Text on a layer can be reedited at any time
Depth of Field
DepthField lets you manipulate the focus like if you would be using an expensive lens. DoF techniques let you move the attention to your subject. With this module you can manipulate the focus after the shot has been taken. You can place a virtual lens anywhere on your image. Decide to have a tilt lens and get a planar-3D blurring effect. You can perform all kind of blur adjustments, add bokeh effects with blade adjustments or add the vignetting effect of your choice.
DepthField also lets you create a selection through a virtual brush on your image, there is no need for Photoshop, but if you already have an image with a selection you can simply load it.
DepthField also features an extra sharpening option so you can even re-sharpen what is already in focus.
Best of all, all settings can be saved and used again on one or multiple images at once
Image Resizing (XFile) on batch of Images
To perform HIGH quality image resizing...
Crop DownSize or Upsize a part or the whole image
Multiple algorithms for optimal quality as resizing down or up
Combine with sharpening in one step
Edit Brushes offers different kind of brushes to be used over your image. Those brushes offer multiple control. Among them Airbrush, working thru mirror or kaleidoscope, A sophisticated clone from brush that lets you clone from an other source as you adjust the geometry of the origin. A powerful color change brush with selectivity control perfect for red-eye, green-eye corrections or all kind of subtle color changes, skin or else....
Edit Sprays lets you spray one or multiple images on your photos a beautiful way to recreate foliage and so on.
HyperFocal lets you add focal sharpness at any distance.
HyperFocal features different contrast techniques : local, global and detailer. These different methods can be applied together and stacked. They work through tilt lens or virtual lens. You can also brush selection masks and easily restrict the effect. All the adjustments can be applied independently on highlights, midtones and shadows.
HyperFocal is very efficient at revealing image details. The 'Detailer' mode is so powerful, the algorithm is used to analyse x ray to detect tumors.
With HyperFocal you can turn a single photo to pseudo HDR, without having to tone map and deal with multiple images. HyperFocal also features color balance, saturation adjustments option that works through several layers and masks so you can easily perform multiple color adjustments at the same time.
Best of all, all settings can be saved and used again on one or multiple images at once
Powerful Image DeNoising with separate Luminance/Chrominance noise correction
Many digital images especially those taken at higher ISO sensitivities show a "Noise" that affects the quality of the picture. Many cameras increase the sensitivity when shooting in "Action" or "Night" modes. Also, cameras that provide anti-shake using electronics (instead of an image stabilizing lens or a device to stabilize the sensor) will boost sensitivity in order to allow a quicker shutter speed. Edit AutoDeNoise for Aperture is there to reduce this digital noise. It is very easy to use, very affordable and appeal to a wide range of users. AutoDeNoise now works separately to correct Luminance and Color noises. You can also in one step add contrast, saturation and sharpness.
Add Multiple Lights Effects on Photos
Edit PhotoLights for Aperture works with over 1000 different light effects. It features an advanced cration panel so you can tune up the position/transformation of the 'blind' you wish to use. You can easily import your own blind. MultiLayer lights and create the optimal effects. All effects like on any of the Edit modules might be totally modified and used later on other set of images.
Canvas Size
It is now possible to add canvas around to any photos 'a la' photoshop...
Crop and Align
Very simply crop your images and realign your image at the same time...
Black & White & MultiTones
MultiTones combine several effects to create sophisticated and beautiful black & white or multitones images.... Also featuring a Black Booster for beautiful black and white effects.
Color Filtering with Contrast, Brightness and detail adjustment Film Grain to add some grain to your digital picture and give a distinctive look Toning... MultiTones resaturates the image and lets you adjust the hue in a snap for stunning duotones Last but not least, edges can be added around the image, with blending adjustment a library of 100 effects is provided. You can use your own edge, if you get the Edit MagicFrames volume, you will have access to more than 1000 additional edges automatically
Image Colorize
A very powerful and easy way to recolorize your images through multiple layers and brush selection masking
Image Enhancer
Edit also features AutoCorrect, an image enhancer tool.
With AutoCorrect advanced algorithms lets you enhance image colors, contrast and dynamics, as you preserve the overall quality of your images. AutoCorrect is a very efficient one click color correction, it is not based on curves but it is based upon intelligent image analysis in combination with techniques professionals are using in darkrooms.
Within Aperture you can select multiple photos and apply AutoCorrect on different images in one click.
MultiCurves and Adjust Color through Density Masks
With Edit you can combine multiple set of Curves. Curves is a very efficient and intuitive way to perform color corrections. A brush lets you perform selection, so you do multiple local color correction on your image. Edit MultiCurves is very easy to use and enables perfect color correction in a very intuitive manner.
Image ReFocusing
How often are you getting a picture slightly blurred because the subject has moved! After any image manipulation you are doing, the image is getting a little more blurred.
Edit AutoFocus uses powerful mathematical algorithms to refocus the image. AutoFocus reverses the formula by which the image got blurred... this technology gives you AS MUCH of the original "in focus" image as possible. AutoFocus uses a very powerful deconvolution tool that will reclaim the data that has been spread out.
Image Beautifier
Edit AutoSmooth gives users a quick and powerful way of smoothing skin and other surfaces without blurring or affecting other details or faces characteristic AutoSmooth enables users to automatically achieve meticulous airbrush and retouching effects without tedious, time-consuming masking and manual softening. With AutoSmooth not only you will smoothen skin and get a glamorous look but you will save hours of retouching work while keeping blends and details in a way impossible to achieve manually.
Correct Lens Distortion
Edit PhotoFixlens corrects barreling and pin-cushioning lens distortion produced by zoom and wide-angle lenses. This tool is especially handy for digital cameras! The effect can be applied on one or multiple images.
The FixLens module of HSC Edit enables spherical corrections for 180 or 360 degree lenses, you can correct hemispherical fish eye distortion.
Grid Distortion
Edit Grids lets you create and use grids for all kind of distortion just on top of your images. Very handy to reverse perspective deformation. But all kind of distortion can be achieved thanks to the double grid mecanism. You can also insert a background, create labels, change object textures... The most powerful grid distortion on the market today.
Squizz Distortion
Edit Squizz lets you distort your images with a brush. HumanSOftware has been the first to pioneer this technique and it is back now with a lot more controls.
Frame or Edge on all your images
Edit MagicFrames features more than 1700 frames/edges in one easy super powerful dialog box so you can frame your photos to your heart delight. Again super powerful and fun to use. Even the background image might be resize for perfect fit. Apply your frame on one or a set of images.
ClassyFrame or Edge on all your images
Edit ClassicFrames features more than 200 beautiful frames for your images. Mouldings, Mats, Shadows and surfaces can be adjusted very easily.
Edit Surface offers hundreds of surfaces to apply on your images. A great tool to relook a photo and give a mood.
Add Fractals
Edit Fractals offers a library of fractals. This module provides creative look for images. Fractalian lights can be generated and blended to all photos.
Add Droste
Edit Droste. This module achieve amazing effects on images. Black Holes and much more.
Add Motifs and Repeats
Edit MotifMaker. A very powerful modules to achieve all different kind of repeats with multiple layers than can be adjusted interactively. This is the most powerful tool you can find to design fabrics, wallpapers and so on.
Add Plaids
Edit Plaids. Create all kind of Plaids thru formulas

the online guide can be found at :
Windows x64
• Next open the ffo-ed32.zip file by double clicking it. If you can't open it you need to get an archiver which supports rar files such as Winrar and extract and Install.
• enter this serial number when asked: 3WLA232652007
• That's it! Done.


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