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Download Light Alloy 4 8 0 Build 1493 Final + Portable-

Download Light Alloy 4 8 0 Build 1493 Final + Portable-
Title: Light Alloy 4 8 0 Build 1493 Final + Portable-
Category: PC Software
Language: English
Size: 100.4 MB
Rating: 4.3


  • Light Alloy 4.8.0 Build 1493 Final + Portable~~.rar (100.4 MB)

Light Alloy Portable . Light Alloy portable - is a compact multimedia player. It supports all popular multimedia formats

Light Alloy Portable . Download Light Alloy (Portable) v. com/software/audio video/media players/light alloy portable. Light Alloy is advanced multimedia player with many features and friendly user interface. It supports all popular multimedia formats

Download Light Alloy . 0 for Windows PC from FileHorse.

Download Light Alloy . 100% Safe and Secure Free Download (32-bit/64-bit) Software Version. Blu-Ray & DVD You also can watch Blu-Rays and DVDs with LightAlloy, but only if they are not encrypted. Download Light Alloy . WinRARWinRAR . 0 Beta 4 (64-bit). GameLoopGameLoop - Android Emulator . Call of DutyCall of Duty: Mobile for PC. BraveBrave Browser .

Frontend: Added hint with currently playing file when mouseover on player caption. Video Decoder: fixed 4:2:0 8bit - YV12 video output (colors distortion were seen). Video Decoder: fixed playback of some MPEG2/H. Video Decoder: some HEVC-videos (mostly studio demos of 4K) skip frames during playback.

Light Alloy - is a compact multimedia player. Light Alloy - Media player. Thread starter viktik. Start date Jan 18, 2014. By the way, since . It supports all popular multimedia formats  .

Light Alloy Windows Portable

Light Alloy Windows Portable. custom codecs, full support for subtitles. WinLIRC support (remote control), configurable playback speed, aspect ratio alignment, make and save screenshots (including WebP/WebP-LL formats). This player has its built-in codecs that allow you to view any popular video format as soon as you finish the setup process (it's the same thing with the portable version). It has plenty of features, and you can customize it in any way you want.

Light Alloy has built-in video/audio codecs, support for custom codecs, full support for subtitles, WinLIRC support for remote control, configurable playback speed and aspect ratio alignment. You can also customize independent media settings for each file . brightness, contrast, saturation, subtitle and volume.

Light Alloy is an extremely powerful, feature-packed and very configurable media player. The program handles the core basics well. The program handles the core basics well Light Alloy is an excellent media player with an ultra-configurable interface, packed with advanced features yet also very easy to use.

0 pre-FINAL build 1242 Changelog Download Light Alloy . 0 pre-FINAL build 1242. Posts: 17. Anyone running this here? V. 8 is the current version. Find More Posts by TOM SK. 15th March 2011, 23:17. Find More Posts by videobruce. 23rd March 2018, 17:18.


Light Alloy 4.8.0 Build 1493 Final + Portable
Light Alloy is a compact media player designed to help you play most of the popular multimedia
formats. It provides you with a clear interface that displays all the basic media information
and includes the basic controls for playback. The program comes with a set of built-in codecs
that enables you to start playing media content immediately after the installation. The app
provides you with the most important ones in order to use the player right away but also
allows you to use the codecs installed on your computer during the installation. It supports
high quality video content such as DVD/Bluray discs, MKV files and MP4 movies. The subtitle
support is embedded in the initial installation and allows you to adjust the timing in order
to synchronize them with the video playback.
The layout of the main window presents you with a progress bar, volume control and playlist
editor. A nice addition is the current time indicator that also allows you to shut down the
computer at the end of the playlist. Although the general aspect is simple, Light Alloy
includes a plethora of customization options that can be adjusted to accommodate your needs.
It supports skins and allows you to change the aspect of the interface or the OSD menu. This
player is designed to improve your experience by facilitating the media playback control. It
provides you with a large list of customizable keyboard shortcuts and integrated WinLIRC
support. In our tests, the program required insignificant resources to open and play various
video files. It loads almost instantly and maintains the playlist preferences from the
previous usage. The flexible interface, fast loading time and remote controlling options
recommend Light Alloy as a reliable media player for your computer.
Key features:
Highly optimised visual interface for speed and usability
Support almost all multimedia formats: AVI, DivX, MP3
DVD Support (only with MPEG-2 decoder installed)
Ability to take screenshots of movie
Ultimate video control: Zoom, aspect ratio, brightness, contrast, sharpness
Playback speed control
Windowed and fullscreen playback with custom resolutions
Ability to play broken AVI files (or partially downloaded)
Automatic detection of the codec needed
Customizable keyboard and mouse actions
AVISynth filters support
Playlist with bookmarks
Multilingual interface: English, French, German and other languages included.
Subtitles support: *.SUB,*.SRT,*.SSA
Ultimate subtitles control: position, font, color, transparency, background
Useful OSD(On-Screen-Display) information
Skinnable: many skins to download from site.
Multi-audio media support
External audio tracks
WinAMP general plugins support
Seamless joins splitted video
Multimedia and system-wide keys support
Infrared Remotes support: (WinLIRC)
Drag-and-drop support
Commandline parameters support
Context menu quick media information
Optional sound stream resampling
Light Alloy 4.8.0 (build 1493)
Added support for network playlists that give data pieces (requires LAV Filters)
New skin: Ei8ht (author: Gilorn)
New skin: WMP R.I.P. (author: Ham)
Updates to skin-system:
1) added possibility of aligning elements at the center;
2) parameter should now contain these attributes: minSize = "x,y" and type = "standart|audio|
3) added support for a bit transparency of sliders for volume and timeline;
4) removed the width restriction of the volume slider and timeline (be careful with a width of
more than 24 pixels);
5) added a new button with fixation of the "Forward/countdown playback time"
6) controls "text string" and "graphic text string" can now have an attribute link="", which
allows them to perform the function by pressing the LMB;
7) forward/countdown playback time needs a left-click instead of right;
8) to switch the forward/countdown playback time, the font should contain a "-" instead of "<"
and attribute link="Position.Switch";
9) added support for a bit transparency of the notches and bookmark marks on the timeline;
10) added link-commands: PList.Manager (list manager), Subtitles.Switch2 (second subtitles
switching), Subtitles.SizeUp (increase the size of the subtitle), Subtitles.SizeDown (reduce
the size of the subtitles);
11) added ability to change vertical position of digits and ticks on timeline (digits_ypos and
ticks_ypos attributes for );
12) added custom bookmark marks on timeline (attribute chapter), with customizable position
(attribute chapter_pos="x,y");
13) added ability to determine the points to stretch a border (attributes bgsplit_lt="x,y" and
Popup->Sound: added possibility to select the audio device.
Popup->Playlist->Misc: added option *Skip this file*.
Playlist: added possibility to select all items in the list with a hotkey (default: Ctrl+A)
Thumbnails: added *Don't show thumbnails options dialog* option
Options->Playlist->Misc: added option *Don't play file if you double-click it in Explorer*.
Instead of "index.bdmv" in player caption, folder name will be shown which is more
Redrawn main icon of the player and the tray icon, adding more sizes.
Removed support for Vimeo.
iBloko, SlimStripe and AudioAmp skins were removed from default package. You always can
download them on Light Alloy forums in Skins section.
Options->File Types: fixed inability to remove Light Alloy items from the Explorer context
menu for directories.
Various bug fixes related to Unicode support.
Open URL: fixed Youtube parser.
Playlist: fixed bookmark deselection when you right-click the bookmark.
Playlist: fixed incorrect mass selection with the Shift key.
Fixed minor bugs.
Video Engine:
Added support for MIDI playback. (Note: the sound bank in WindowsSystem32 should be named
"28MBGM.SF2"; while the sound bank itself can be anything, it is necessary that it has this
Built-in support for WavPack.
Native support for OPUS.
Video decoder: added support for playback of H.264-video with impaired B-Frames sequence.
Video decoder: updated list of supported VP5/VP6 (nVidia) video cards, updated information
about the Intel Haswell video adapters.
Video decoder: improved mechanisms for determining the wrong order of B-Frames.
MKV: added support for CueDuration and CueRelativePosition tags when rewinding to read
MKV: improved compatibility with Lentoid HEVC Decoder.
MPEG: added support for streaming (downloaded at the moment) files, duration of such files
will be updated as download new data, without the need to restart the player.
MPEG: added the ability to switch programs in MPEG-TS.
MPEG: improved support for some AAC-tracks.
AVI: added support for H.264 streams with "AVC1" and "h264" FourCC.
FLAC: added support for ID3 v2 tags (images only).
MP4: added support for fragmented DASH (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP) files,
distributed on Youtube.
MP4: added support for A/V-delays set inside the container.
MP4: added support for HEVC-videos created by ffmpeg encoder.
MP3: added support for multi-layer .MP3 (in which the data with different parameters are
stored, this is important for online broadcasts for example).
MP3: improved header search (allows you to play files containing garbage/incorrect data at the
beginning of the file).
Added added support for 12-channel sound with unspecified channel location.
Subtitles: improved subtitle processing, multiple optimization and speed up the
loading/rendering of subtitles.
Subtitles: added support for animated VobSub-subtitles.
MP4: file loading optimizations
Audio decoder: Bitstream option is no longer available for Windows XP users.
WASAPI: improved verification of supported formats.
Subtitles: optimizing of read/positioning/handling text files.
Updated codecs.
Video decoder: fixed crash with DXVA 2.0 mode on some files.
Video decoder: fixed crash on WMV3Image/VC1Image
Audio decoder: fixed memory leak when using the option "Encode to AC-3".
Audio decoder: fixes in the handling of situations when the exhibited SPDIF/Bitstream mode is
not supported.
Subtitles: fixed crash.
Subtitles: fixed handling of "fs +" and "fs-" tags.
WASAPI: fixed crash when outputting multiple audio streams at once.
APE: some files could not be played.
MP4: fixed calculation of FPS.
MP4: fixed rewinding on some files.
MP4: fixed crash on some files because of the division by 0.
MP4: fixed handling VobSub-subtitle.
MP4: fixed playback of some .MOV with PCM-track.
MKV: player dropped on some files.
MKV: fixed playback of some H.264 interlaced-video.
FLV: ignore incorrect ​​FPS values (corrects twitching pictures).
MPEG: fixed processing of AC3-data on TrueHD stream.
MPEG: H.264 MVC/Stereo profile was not processed correctly.
MPEG: fixes in the processing and determination of audio tracks.
MPEG: fixed playback of some MPEG-TS files.
MPEG: name for DVB-subtitles sometimes could not be displayed.
MPEG Audio: fixed work with some Internet radio sources.
MP3: fixed crash when reading ID3v2-tag.
DTS: fixed crash when rewinding at large (greater than 2GB) files.
RAW: fixed playback of some H264-files.
DVD: fixed crash when using BOB-deinterlace.
DVD: fixed crash when using ELA-deinterlace.
DVD: fixed hang on pause (happened rarely, and only on DVD with animated menus).
Fixed player crash and artifacts when using ffdshow raw decoder.
Fixed green screen in conjunction with ffdshow.
install the setup
This is a portable version no need to activate

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