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Download Must Have Android Apps For Root Users

Download Must Have Android Apps For Root Users
Title: Must Have Android Apps
Category: Other
Language: English
Size: 104.9 MB
Rating: 4.8


Live Wallpapers
  • Koi Live Wallpaper v1.5.apk (11.2 MB)
  • Planetscapes v1.12.apk (6.3 MB)
  • Season Zen HD v1.6.apk (6.2 MB)
  • Galaxy Pack v1.5.apk (4.3 MB)
Shell Replacement SPB Shell 3D v1.6.2
  • SPB Shell 3D v1.6.2.apk (11.2 MB)
  • Lucky Patcher 0.8.3.apk (130.1 KB)
  • Beautiful Widgets v4.11.2.apk (5.8 MB)
  • WidgetLocker Lockscreen v2.2.7.apk (3.2 MB)
  • Misc
    • Paper Camera v3.2g.apk (7.4 MB)
    • Smart Tools v1.4.7.apk (3.8 MB)
    • Screencast Video Recorder v3.2a.apk (3.3 MB)
    • Lucky Patcher v2.1.8.apk (1.1 MB)
    System Utilities
    • SwiftKey 3 Keyboard v3.0.0.281.apk (6.4 MB)
    • Titanium Backup Pro v5.4.2.2
      • Titanium Backup Pro v5.4.2.2.apk (5.2 MB)
      • Titanium Backup PRO Key 1.2.1.apk (42.2 KB)
    • SD Maid Pro v0.9.8.7.apk (1.6 MB)
    • JuiceDefender Ultimate v3.9.0
      • JuiceDefender 3.8.0.apk (1.5 MB)
      • JuiceDefender Ultimate 3.9.0.apk (54.9 KB)
      AutoKiller Memory Optimizer Pro v8.0.1
      • AutoKiller Memory Optimizer v8.0.1.apk (1.3 MB)
      • AutoKiller PRO v1.5.apk (70.9 KB)
    • Link2SD v2.1.2.apk (685.5 KB)
    • Advanced Task Manager Pro v2.0.8.apk (576.2 KB)
    • AdFree Android v0.8.44.apk (487.0 KB)
    • Root Explorer v2.21.1.apk (407.5 KB)
    • OS Monitor v2.0.5.apk (185.9 KB)
    • Root Management
      • BusyBox Pro v9.2.apk (5.7 MB)
      • ROM Manager Premium v5.0.1.1
        • ROM Manager Premium v5.0.1.1.apk (2.5 MB)
        • ROM Manager Premium key 1.0.7.apk (48.5 KB)
        Superuser Elite v3.1
        • Superuser v3.1.apk (1.4 MB)
        • Superuser Elite v0.8.apk (151.3 KB)
        Media Players
        • MX Player Pro v1.6j.apk (5.5 MB)
        • PowerAMP Full v2.0.5-build-488
          • PowerAMP.apk (3.3 MB)
          • PowerAMP Widget Pack.apk (455.0 KB)
          • PowerAMP Classic Skin.apk (268.2 KB)
          • PowerAMP+Unlocker.apk (22.4 KB)
          Privacy Protection
          • Vaulty Stocks v3.6.2.apk (2.6 MB)
          • APP Lock v1.32.apk (662.4 KB)
          • Preview.png (111.5 KB)
          • READ ME!.txt (3.4 KB)

          It’s a must have for root users these days.

          The lets users tweak a variety of things, including CPU frequencies, the governor, GPU frequencies, color temperature presets, and a lot more. It also supports at bunch of devices, specifically in the Google and OnePlus lineup of devices. This isn’t the only app for a specific aftermarket ROM or kernel. It’s a must have for root users these days. Download on google play! Thank you for reading! We have some final shamelessly promoted articles for you! 10 best torrent apps and torrent downloaders for Android! 5 best Kodi apps for Android.

          GL Tools is top rated root app among rooted android phone users. Drony is a must have root app for those users who want to keep their identity anonymous.

          Check out these 50 Must Have Apps for rooted Android mobile. You’re now a part of those power users who root and tweak their Android phones for their benefit. But hey, If you haven’t rooted your Android phone yet, you’re missing on great stuff. You’re missing out on unlocking the real potential of your Android phone which only rooted users enjoy. Sure, rooting does have its cons, but the Pros outweigh them. 1 What is Rooting? . Why do people root their phones? 2 50 Best Root Apps for Rooted Android phones. 1) RootChecker: . 2) SuperUser

          Rooting Android is became more simple with Kingo Root, as you know Root gives us some special privileges than a. .Hope You Guys Known the must have apps for rooted android mobile, Keep visiting us For More tricks, tips like this.

          Hope You Guys Known the must have apps for rooted android mobile, Keep visiting us For More tricks, tips like this.

          Android uses the term Root for elevated administrator privileges. You can play with the core of the sytem. But there are a lot of Android Applications, especially for Rooted devices. You can change anything from ROM (Firmware) to Kernels. Many users are not sure what to do further after Rooting their Android Device. With the help of these apps, users can enjoy the full use of Android System. These Apps provide the full functionalities which are not possible with Unrooted devices. Here we have Listed our Top 50 Must Have Root Apps for Android 2017.

          Root apps only run properly on rooted Android devices, and allow you to.Most users will never require this app - and most will find its functions flying over their heads - but it’s a must-have if you need to keep a close eye on your personal network. Battery Charge Limit.

          Root apps only run properly on rooted Android devices, and allow you to do things you otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Below, we’ve rounded up the top Android root apps, so you can make the most of your newly-rooted device. Mobile batteries have a limited lifespan, and they all eventually deteriorate to the point where they’re no longer able to be used, and may even become unsafe.

          This particular app is free, open source and ad-free. Prev Page 22 of 32 Next.

          Super User is the must have. Gravity Box lets you to can change your phone's preferences.

          TWRP has its own official App for Android for some time no. This app comes which simple features which even a novice user can handle. Unlike many other paid Kernel Managers, Kernel Auditor is free as well as is open source which makes it cooler.

          TWRP has its own official App for Android for some time now. You can use this app to update your existing recovery, back it up, or flash a new recovery. We had previously covered in detail about this app in a separate article here This app comes which simple features which even a novice user can handle. If you are interested in having more features to tweak, you should checkout Kernel Auditor MOD as well as Kernel Auditor MOD-REBORN which are based on this app and targets advanced users.

          This is a must-have app for all the Android users. Features: Move apps to SD card.


          Must Have Android Apps [For Root Users]

          What's included in the pack:
          Live Wallpapers
          *Galaxy Pack v1.5
          *Koi Live Wallpaper v1.5
          *Planetscapes v1.12
          *Season Zen HD v1.6
          Media Players
          *PowerAMP Full v2.0.5-build-488
          *MX Player Pro v1.6j
          Privacy Protection
          *APP Lock v1.32
          *Vaulty Stocks v3.6.2
          Root Management
          *ROM Manager Premium v5.0.1.1
          *Superuser Elite v3.1
          *BusyBox Pro v9.2
          Shell Replacement
          *SPB Shell 3D v1.6.2
          *Beautiful Widgets v4.11.2
          *WidgetLocker Lockscreen v2.2.7
          System Utilities
          *AutoKiller Memory Optimizer Pro v8.0.1
          *JuiceDefender Ultimate v3.9.0
          *Titanium Backup Pro v5.4.2.2
          *AdFree Android v0.8.44
          *Advanced Task Manager Pro v2.0.8
          *Link2SD v2.1.2
          *OS Monitor v2.0.5
          *Root Explorer v2.21.1
          *SD Maid Pro v0.9.8.7
          *SwiftKey 3 Keyboard v3.0.0.281
          *Lucky Patcher v2.1.8
          *Paper Camera v3.2g
          *Screencast Video Recorder v3.2a
          *Smart Tools v1.4.7
          Most of the apps are for Rooted devices only; they require Root access to work.
          *BusyBox Pro*
          First install BusyBox Pro. Run BusyBox Pro and update your BusyBox to the latest version.
          *Superuser Elite*
          Next install Superuser. If you already have superuser installed, update it to the latest version.
          Install Superuser Elite v0.8 and launch the app to activate the Elite version.
          Update superuser binary to the latest version.
          *ROM Manager Premium*
          Next install ROM Manager. Install Premium key and launch the app.
          *SPB Shell 3D*
          Activate Airplane mode to disable all wireless communications.
          Install SPB Shell 3D. Do not launch the app.
          Install Lucky Patcher v0.8.3 provided in the folder and patch SPB Shell 3D:
          Launch Lucky Patcher -> Long press on SPB Shell 3D -> Select 'Apply Google Market Patch'
          After patching, exit Lucky Patcher and launch SPB Shell 3D.
          Deactivate Airplane Mode to enable all wireless communications again.
          Uninstall Lucky Patcher v0.8.3 and install the latest version of Lucky Patcher.
          Lucky Patcher requires root access and superuser permissions to work. Make sure you have root access and superuser installed on your device otherwise it won't work.
          Latest versions of Lucky Patcher fail to patch SPB Shell 3D so use the provided older version to patch SPB Shell 3D. Once patching is done, you can uninstall the old version of Lucky Patcher; it won't affect the patch.
          *Titanium Backup Pro*
          Install Titanium BackUp. Do not launch the application.
          Install Pro Key. Do not launch.
          Run Lucky Patcher. Update to the latest Version if Required. It will show 'Custom Patch found' notification for Titanium Backup. Long press on Titanium Backup -> Select 'Custom patch!' to apply the patch.
          Exit Lucky Patcher and launch Titanium Backup Pro.
          Install PowerAMP. Do not launch the app.
          Install PowerAMP Unlocker. Do not launch.
          Run the latest version of Lucky Patcher and patch PowerAMP.
          Install PowerAMP Classic skin and PowerAMP Widget.
          Launch PowerAMP and enjoy the fully activated version.
          Rest all apps are straight forward, no patching is required. Just install the apps, install pro key if provided and launch.
          All apps are tested and they work properly. If you follow the instructions, there won't be any problems.
          All the files are scanned thoroughly and are free of malware.
          Have Fun!

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