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Download RetroShare05 dmg
Title: RetroShare05 dmg
Category: Mac
Language: English
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It's been made automatically using Travis-CI.

md, updated 2016-07-20.

5 for Mac from FileHorse. Nobody can spy on you. The tool is completely decentralized.

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Download latest version from Mac Informer. 3. MB. Alternative software.

Optionally, peers may communicate certificates and IP addresses from and to their friends.

Secured and decentralized communication system. Offers decentralized chat, forums, messaging,file transfer. 724C 97FB A2D3 C70A 2FB7 92FB E69A CFD0 0932 399BПодписчиков: 1 тыс.


RetroShare 0.5.5c is a free C++,QT compiled cross-platform Windows,Linux,Arm,Mac private p2p sharing program that uses F2F public/private encrypted keys. It lets you share files,msgs,chats,channel content and forums securely with your friends, using a web-of-trust to authenticate peers and OpenSSL to encrypt all communication. RetroShare provides fast anonymous file sharing, chat, messages and channels.
Retroshare 0.5.5c is a Free,Secure,Encrypted Social Network with many features and offers a true Darknet Mode as a user option. Retroshare's Fast Anonymous File Sharing is Unparalleled with any other P2P and F2F networks.
Come and Join the Fun.

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Best West
Best West
To get started on RetroShare 0.5.5c you'll optionally want to initially exchange your RetroShare 0.5.5c generated public key with these users RetroShare 0.5.5c chatservers (see links below) to help you get your foot in the door. This allows you to see and use a dozen different chat lobbys including the RetroShare 0.5 Public Key exchange lobby where you can meet and add select friends public keys as you wish. As you add existing RetroShare 0.5 users to your public keyring their distributed cache contents and access to Channels,Forums,Shared-Files are synched with your new cache file giving you greater access,content and options. Two RetroShare 0.5.5c Users Chatservers Public Key Exchanges rnhttp://retrosharechatserver.no-ip.org/w2c/en/ and rnhttp://retrochat.piratenpartei.at
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