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Title: Retroshare06-May-2016-Debian-Builds
Category: Linux
Language: English
Size: 59.4 MB
Rating: 4.1


Debian7 Debian7-i386
  • retroshare06-git_0.6.0.423.g0ff2941-Debian7_i386.deb (12.6 MB)
  • Debian7-i386-extra-dependencys
    • libsqlcipher0_3.2.0-1-Debian7_i386.deb (426.0 KB)
    • sqlcipher_3.2.0-1-Debian7_i386.deb-sha-hashsum.txt (0.2 KB)
    • libsqlcipher0_3.2.0-1-Debian7_i386.deb-sha-hashsum.txt (0.2 KB)
    • libsqlcipher-dev_3.2.0-1-Debian7_i386.deb (557.4 KB)
    • libsqlcipher-dev_3.2.0-1-Debian7_i386.deb-sha-hashsum.txt (0.2 KB)
    • sqlcipher_3.2.0-1-Debian7_i386.deb (36.6 KB)
    • retroshare06-git-feedreader-plugin_0.6.0.423.g0ff2941-Debian7_i386.deb-sha-hashsum.txt (0.3 KB)
    • retroshare06-git-voip-plugin_0.6.0.423.g0ff2941-Debian7_i386.deb-sha-hashsum.txt (0.2 KB)
    • retroshare06-git_0.6.0.423.g0ff2941-Debian7_i386.deb-sha-hashsum.txt (0.2 KB)
    • retroshare06-git-nogui_0.6.0.423.g0ff2941-Debian7_i386.deb-sha-hashsum.txt (0.2 KB)
    • retroshare06-git-nogui_0.6.0.423.g0ff2941-Debian7_i386.deb (2.2 MB)
    • retroshare06-git-voip-plugin_0.6.0.423.g0ff2941-Debian7_i386.deb (426.2 KB)
    • retroshare06-git-feedreader-plugin_0.6.0.423.g0ff2941-Debian7_i386.deb (292.5 KB)
    • retroshare06-git_0.6.0.423.g0ff2941-Debian7_amd64.deb (12.3 MB)
    • Debian7-amd64-checksums
      • retroshare06-git-nogui_0.6.0.423.g0ff2941-Debian7_amd64.deb-sha-hashsum.txt (0.2 KB)
      • retroshare06-git_0.6.0.423.g0ff2941-Debian7_amd64.deb-sha-hashsum.txt (0.2 KB)
      • retroshare06-git-voip-plugin_0.6.0.423.g0ff2941-Debian7_amd64.deb-sha-hashsum.txt (0.3 KB)
      • retroshare06-git-feedreader-plugin_0.6.0.423.g0ff2941-Debian7_amd64.deb-sha-hashsum.txt (0.3 KB)
      • libsqlcipher-dev_3.2.0-1-Debian7_amd64.deb-sha-hashsum.txt (0.2 KB)
      • sqlcipher_3.2.0-1-Debian7_amd64.deb-sha-hashsum.txt (0.2 KB)
      • sqlcipher_3.2.0-1-Debian7_amd64.deb (37.4 KB)
      • libsqlcipher0_3.2.0-1-Debian7_amd64.deb-sha-hashsum.txt (0.2 KB)
      • libsqlcipher0_3.2.0-1-Debian7_amd64.deb (416.9 KB)
      • libsqlcipher-dev_3.2.0-1-Debian7_amd64.deb (546.5 KB)
      • retroshare06-git-nogui_0.6.0.423.g0ff2941-Debian7_amd64.deb (2.2 MB)
      • retroshare06-git-voip-plugin_0.6.0.423.g0ff2941-Debian7_amd64.deb (423.5 KB)
      • retroshare06-git-feedreader-plugin_0.6.0.423.g0ff2941-Debian7_amd64.deb (286.5 KB)
      Debian8 Debian8-i386 Debian8-i386-Nogui
      • retroshare06-git-nogui_0.6.0.423.g0ff2941-Debian8_i386.deb (1.7 MB)
      • retroshare06-git-feedreader-plugin_0.6.0.423.g0ff2941-Debian8_i386.deb (241.8 KB)
      • retroshare06-git-voip-plugin_0.6.0.423.g0ff2941-Debian8_i386.deb (328.8 KB)
      • retroshare06-git-voip-plugin_0.6.0.423.g0ff2941-Debian8_i386.deb-sha-hashsum.txt (0.2 KB)
      • retroshare06-git_0.6.0.423.g0ff2941-Debian8_i386.deb-sha-hashsum.txt (0.2 KB)
      • retroshare06-git-feedreader-plugin_0.6.0.423.g0ff2941-Debian8_i386.deb-sha-hashsum.txt (0.3 KB)
      • retroshare06-git-nogui_0.6.0.423.g0ff2941-Debian8_i386.deb-sha-hashsum.txt (0.2 KB)
      • retroshare06-git_0.6.0.423.g0ff2941-Debian8_i386.deb (10.1 MB)
      • Debian8-i386-extra-dependencys
        • libsqlcipher0_3.2.0-1-Debian8_i386.deb (395.2 KB)
        • libsqlcipher-dev_3.2.0-1-Debian8_i386.deb (492.5 KB)
        • libsqlcipher-dev_3.2.0-1-Debian8_i386.deb-sha-hashsum.txt (0.2 KB)
        • libsqlcipher0_3.2.0-1-Debian8_i386.deb-sha-hashsum.txt (0.2 KB)
        • sqlcipher_3.2.0-1-Debian8_i386.deb (34.7 KB)
        • sqlcipher_3.2.0-1-Debian8_i386.deb-sha-hashsum.txt (0.2 KB)
        Debian8-amd64 Debian8-amd64-Plugins
        • retroshare06-git-feedreader-plugin_0.6.0.423.g0ff2941-Debian8_amd64.deb (237.9 KB)
        • retroshare06-git-voip-plugin_0.6.0.423.g0ff2941-Debian8_amd64.deb (326.8 KB)
        • retroshare06-git_0.6.0.423.g0ff2941-Debian8_amd64.deb (10.0 MB)
        • Debian8-amd64-checksums
          • retroshare06-git-feedreader-plugin_0.6.0.423.g0ff2941-Debian8_amd64.deb-sha-hashsum.txt (0.3 KB)
          • retroshare06-git-voip-plugin_0.6.0.423.g0ff2941-Debian8_amd64.deb-sha-hashsum.txt (0.3 KB)
          • retroshare06-git-nogui_0.6.0.423.g0ff2941-Debian8_amd64.deb-sha-hashsum.txt (0.2 KB)
          • retroshare06-git_0.6.0.423.g0ff2941-Debian8_amd64.deb-sha-hashsum.txt (0.2 KB)
          • libsqlcipher0_3.2.0-1-Debian8_amd64.deb-sha-hashsum.txt (0.2 KB)
          • libsqlcipher-dev_3.2.0-1-Debian8_amd64.deb (464.6 KB)
          • libsqlcipher0_3.2.0-1-Debian8_amd64.deb (368.0 KB)
          • libsqlcipher-dev_3.2.0-1-Debian8_amd64.deb-sha-hashsum.txt (0.2 KB)
          • sqlcipher_3.2.0-1-Debian8_amd64.deb-sha-hashsum.txt (0.2 KB)
          • sqlcipher_3.2.0-1-Debian8_amd64.deb (33.1 KB)
          • retroshare06-git-nogui_0.6.0.423.g0ff2941-Debian8_amd64.deb (1.7 MB)
          • Retroshare06-May-2016-Help-Guides.7z (489.3 KB)

          Along with the RS06-Docs folder containing setup guides, help-documents and checksums. 0 is a free C++,QT compiled cross-platform Windows,Linux,Arm,Mac private p2p sharing program that uses F2F public/private encrypted keys.

          For Debian . run the following as root: Keep in mind that the owner of the key may distribute updates, packages and repositories that your system will trust (more information). 0/ /' /etc/apt/sources. For Debian . run the following as root

          We strongly discourage the usage of development snapshots on a non development device.

          0/ /' /etc/apt/sources.

          Along with the RS06-Docs folder containing setup guides, help-documents and checksums.

          Debian releases do not follow a fixed schedule. Recent releases have been made roughly biennially by the Debian Project. Debian distribution codenames are based on the names of characters from the Toy Story films. Debian's unstable trunk is named after Sid, a character who regularly destroyed his toys. Debian . was never released as a vendor accidentally shipped a development release with that version number.

          124 thoughts on 2016 Builds. Keep track of the blog every day so you can be one of the first to play the newest build and see the progress of Osana in Yandere Dev’s video.

          The rolling tags (debian:stable, debian:testing, etc) use the rolling suite names in. .

          The rolling tags (debian:stable, debian:testing, etc) use the rolling suite names in their /etc/apt/sources. org/debian testing main). As with all Docker images, these likely also contain other software which may be under other licenses (such as Bash, etc from the base distribution, along with any direct or indirect dependencies of the primary software being contained). As for any pre-built image usage, it is the image user's responsibility to ensure that any use of this image complies with any relevant licenses for all software contained within.

          Does not contain any source file. Produces source binary debian package . sc+. sh : compiles the source package. Produce a binary pkg for a given ubuntu distribution make tgz.

          Instant Messaging Systems, Open source.


          Includes Retroshare06.0.6.0 full-install packages including nogui and plugins extras for Debian 7 and 8 for both i386 and amd64 distros. Along with the RS06-Docs folder containing setup guides, help-documents and checksums.
          RetroShare 0.6.0 is a free C++,QT compiled cross-platform Windows,Linux,Arm,Mac private p2p sharing program that uses F2F public/private encrypted keys. It lets you share files, msgs, chats, channel content and forums securely with your friends, using a web-of-trust to authenticate peers and OpenSSL TLSv1.2 to encrypt all communication. RetroShare provides fast anonymous file sharing, chat, messages and channels.
          Retroshare 0.6.0 is a Free,Secure,Encrypted Social Decentralized Network with many features and offers both Darknet and Tor,I2P connections as user options. Retroshare's Fast Anonymous File Sharing is Unparalleled with any other P2P and F2F networks.
          Come and Join the Fun, You'll Love it.

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